Steven J. Hanley, MBA – Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Mr. Hanley is an experienced global business leader who has managed highly complex pharmaceutical and medical device operations with annual global revenue exceeding $1 billion. As the President of Covidien’s Imaging Solutions business unit, he led a multifunctional organization that included sales, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, as well as research and development.

Internationally, his track record includes numerous new drug and device product introductions and sales force expansion in Eastern Europe, China, and Latin America. Mr. Hanley is experienced working in different cultures and successfully navigating dynamic regulatory environments.

Over his nearly 18 years with the Covidien family of companies, Mr. Hanley developed a large network of business leaders and clinicians to help determine market needs, commercial potential, and product positioning. As a sales leader, he called on radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, cardiologists, as well as surgeons in specialties including general, orthopedic, and OB/GYN.

Mr. Hanley is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Check-Cap (Nasdaq, Chek), based in Israel. In addition, Mr. Hanley is the Chairman of the Board of Managers for Daya CNS LLC and Board of Advisors for Kogent Surgical LLC both of which are based in St Louis Missouri.

Mr. Hanley has his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from Marquette University.