MediBeacon Presents Multiple Papers at SPIE Photonics West

Transdermal Fluorescent Detection Technology for Use in Nephrology Advances
(SAN FRANCISCO, January 30, 2017) – Three papers related to continued advances in the use of transdermal fluorescent detection technology to measure and monitor Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) were presented at BIOS 2017. The following papers were all presented in a session chaired by MediBeacon Chief Scientific Officer, Richard Dorshow.

Transcutaneous measurement of glomerular filtration rate in laboratory animals: state of the art and future perspectives
Paper 10079-18
Author(s): Jochen Friedemann, Daniel Schock-Kusch, Yury Shulhevich, MediBeacon GmbH (Germany).

Development and clinical trial results of a prototype device for trans-cutaneous monitoring of kidney function
Paper 10079-19
Author(s): Martin P. Debreczeny, Richard B. Dorshow, MediBeacon, LLC (United States).

Modeling of transdermal fluorescence measurements from first-in-human clinical trials for renal function determination using fluorescent tracer agent MB-102
Paper 10079-17
Author(s): Kimberly M. Shultz, Triple Ring Technologies, Inc. (United States); Martin P. Debreczeny, Richard B. Dorshow, MediBeacon, LLC (United States); Jennifer E. Keating, Kate L. Bechtel, Triple Ring Technologies, Inc. (United States).

BiOS is the world’s largest biomedical optics conference. It is held annually as part of SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco. SPIE Photonics West is the largest and most influential conference (20,000 attendees, two exhibitions, 1,300 exhibiting companies, 4,500+ papers) for biophotonics, biomedical optics, translational research, industrial lasers, optoelectronics, microfabrication, optical MEMs, and more.

The proceedings papers will be made available on MediBeacon’s web site. Manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals are under preparation.

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About MediBeacon Inc.
MediBeacon’s mission is to commercialize biocompatible optical diagnostic agents for physiological monitoring, surgical guidance, and imaging of pathological disease in the human population. Several product concepts in these arenas are contained in the MediBeacon Intellectual Property estate. MediBeacon’s portfolio includes a renal function system that uses an optical skin sensor combined with a proprietary fluorescent tracer agent that glows in the presence of light. This system, currently in human trials, is designed to provide clinicians continuous real-time monitoring of a patient’s kidney function.

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